A view of Transistor

Finished my first play through of Transistor, there’s another game mode or something unlocked now? I’ll try that out I guess, but anyway, it was pretty good. Absolutely gorgeous visuals and music.

The gameplay is fun, reminds me of a more turn based Dragon Age: Origins gameplay, and there are no “end all” skills you unlock which completely replace other skills–they each have their own purpose and uses in different combinations, and the starting skills scale well in terms of usefulness.

One annoying thing however, when on the very edge of the distance of your attack, sometimes the game miscalculates the range or position, and skills it says will reach actually don’t which is super annoying when going for a get() void()x3 cull() combo T_T
Also beat Sybil with all 10 limiters on and terrible set ups I had never tried before because I thought it’d be a normal fight, couldn’t revert to a previous save because it saved as I entered the area q____q beat her ass though

I didn’t care much for the voice acting to be honest, especially the sword guy’s voice, but it wasn’t terrible I guess. It just felt amateurish or out of place–he said things too fast and his voice cut off too fast. Idk. Probably a subjective thing.

The artwork throughout the gaming was beautifully styled and painted too, especially towards the end of the game.

The narratives intentional ambiguity was nice, I like ambiguous things. It wasn’t so ambiguous that even if you were paying attention you didn’t know what was going on, but enough to let you interpret your own version of events and what the bad guys were trying to achieve.